This Is Why We Are Here

Our job is about PEOPLE. Last Wednesday a client (father) had his three children taken away by a mother who filed false allegations in an Order of Protection. We spent the last five days making sure his case was a priority in the office and worked within the court system to get an emergency hearing asking the order to be vacated. Last night at 5:30 pm, the Court did just that after a two hour emergency hearing.

As I was driving home, I again realized why I do this job. It is because we make a difference in people and children’s lives. That father and those three children are back where they belong because of what we did and the Judge doing what was right. It made me feel good about Murphy & Dunn and all the hard work we do, and about the Court system that they got it right.

Being a divorce attorney is a nasty business and has many ups and downs. However, there is nothing I would rather be doing than helping individual clients on a daily basis get through one of the worst times of their lives. I am proud of the work we do and the company we have built these past 31 years. We have two great offices full of super smart people who work hard and care.

Then, as icing on the cake, I get to go to work with my sister and nephew each day, starting in August my oldest son Grant will join us as a new lawyer, and three years from now my second son Alec will join us as a new lawyer after he graduates from John Marshall Law School. I might have to wait a few more years for Laney to decide, but I would not be surprised if she joins us too.

The legacy of Murphy & Dunn and the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation appears to be in good hands long after I am gone. I hope years from now my grandkids look back fondly on the family business and are just as proud then as we are now. Plus hopefully they will think their grandfather was pretty cool.

Have a great day everyone. Remember, “there’s work to be done.”

G Edward Murphy