The Only Way to Survive All of This Is Together

I am so much more in touch with my client’s needs and feelings today than I was 16 months ago. Until Nick died, I never really understood the pain and agony that my clients go through when getting a divorce. Unfortunately, today I feel a similar pain all too well.

Today I had a four way settlement conference and I represented the father. At one point, he lashed out at his soon to be ex-wife and made some negative comments to her. All of them were totally because he was in so much pain and because he still loves her and his children so much. The divorce is something he does not want and it hurts him tremendously to be going through it.

Obviously, I stopped him from making further negative statements. However, as we all talked, he started to cry and you could just feel the pain he was going through.

I don’t wish death or divorce on anyone, especially when it comes to the loss of a son or daughter. However, I can state with certainty that if you have to go through a divorce, I will be there for you as you have all been there for me. The only way to survive all of this is together.